About Kristal Miller

I am a Child Behaviour Specialist, certified through The Early Years. I believe that everyone has the capability to be a good parent, given the right tools and support. I’ve been working with parents since 2013; I’m a Certified Parent Coach® through Parent Coach International. Learning about parenting and helping others to love the parenting journey is my biggest passion. I am far from a perfect parent, but every day I strive to be a good one.

My approach during consults is to give you practical tools, and come up with creative ways to tackle your parenting challenges. I also weave in parenting concepts that I feel apply to your situation; and help you identify your parenting strengths and how you can apply them to everyday life. Besides this, together we will practice the developmentally-appropriate words and tools to use that will reach your child.

Parenting doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require some finesse to be a good one, and stay sane in the process!

Your Current Parenting Struggles

Are you wondering about how to handle:

  • …Potty readiness for your little one?
  • …Temper tantrums when you tell your child “no”
  • …Picky eating at mealtimes
  • …Sibling rivalry or adjusting to a new baby
  • …Using time-outs / time-ins effectively
  • …Whining & your “Chatterbox” child
  • …Disorganized morning routines
  • …Separation anxiety or adjusting to a new daycare / school

…Or are you seeking:

  • General Parenting Coaching or Support
  • Advice on how to be more connected to your child / children
  • Advice on how to stop yelling & be more calm while parenting
  • How to gain more time and stop the “parenting dance” you find yourself doing

What does a Child Behaviour Consult involve?

  • We have a 1-hour call (Facetime, phone, or Whatsapp video) during which we discuss the two or three top behaviour struggles you are having
  • I give you the practical tools and words to use to start seeing positive results and improvements right away
  • You receive a customized recap within 48 hours, which details concepts and actions discussed during your call
  • Keep in touch via email with positive progress you are making & any questions you have
  • NOTE: Your child should not be present during this call
  • I am on Central Time; consults are available during the day, evenings & weekends

How do I book?

  • Click on the Paypal link below to pay for the consult ($130 CAD)
    • This will be for a one hour session + a written recap
  • You will be contacted via email within a few hours of the purchase to arrange a consult time that suits us both
  • You will then be sent the intake questionnaire where you can detail the top 2-3 concerns you have (we can cover this many in 1 hour)
  • Return the questionnaire answers a few days prior to the consult

Child Behaviour Consult (60 Minutes)

A one hour consult via phone or video to review your child behaviour concerns and get positive parenting tools you can use right away! Includes a written multi page recap.


My parenting philosophy

My philosophy and tools/methods draw from several influences. My favourite parenting authors are Barbara Coloroso, Becky Bailey, & Daniel Siegel. I believe that with the right positive discipline tools, parents can strike a balance to keep everyone thriving. We can offer our children chances to be independent, contribute to the family, while providing loving boundaries.

Contact me:

Child Behaviour Certification through The Early Years
Me! (Photo credit Carla Shoforost)